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Bradford Millennium Way

Our Challenge

Picture of the team leaning on The Millennium Way Stone. Are they supporting the stone? Or is the stone holding them up?

For anybody fit enough and crazy enough to try it, the Millennium Way can be walked in 20 hours or under! Here, the Millennium Way team open up the challenge - if anybody out there can walk the route in 20 hours or under, they will have their names added below in the Millennium Way Hall of Fame!!

Go do it!!

Use the Contact Us page to tell us all about it. Who are you? Where are you from, How long did it take you? When did you do it?

!! Bradford Millennium Way Hall of Fame !!

Name From Time Taken When
Volunteer Team
Chris Buckley
Malcolm Hutton
Andy Wood
Bradford 19 hours 59 mins and 59secs
Mrs Hilary Wharam (age 69) Rawdon, Leeds 14 hours 41 mins Sunday 13th June 2010 Mrs Hilary Wharam
Peter Bashforth and Friends
Graham Stainsby Harrogate 13.45 hrs
Ian Stoney Crosshills 13.45 hrs
John Aveyard Bradford 14.45 hrs
Nigel Beaumont Halifax 14.45 hrs
Brian Barrett Baildon 15.30 hrs
Roger Swithenbank Wilsden 15.30 hrs
Peter Bashforth Harden 15.30 hrs